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1 Chronicles & John


1 Chronicles 26-27

This section details the gatekeepers, leaders, officials, heads of houses and the men closest to the service of the king. I cannot help but think this order is not only earthly but heavenly as well. I think of the 24 elders around the throne in Revelation. The ones closest in proximity to Yahweh. Praising and glorifying him day and night. God has rewards in Heaven and the closest placements to Him will be those who are the richest in reward. In heaven, unlike today in our shattered image of heavenly things, there will be no unworthy men in God’s inner circle. All will have earned those positions of honor by glorifying God in this life. How great would it be to walk in God’s service with other sons and daughters of the King, all with the same mind and heart. 

John 11:18-46O

One of three times where it is recorded in the bible that Jesus wept. Every time I read this passage, I wonder to the true reasons why Jesus wept. I dont believe he was crying for the reason everyone supposed, he well knew Lazarus would be raised from the dead. We don’t know why he wept exactly, but we can speculate. It says that Jesus was moved and troubled. These are some clues. Was he moved and troubled by the destructive nature of sin in the world and the suffering it caused? Was it a more general sorrow over the lost nature of mankind? Was it because he was close to his crucifixion and the weight of that horrific event was looming before him? Perhaps he lamented because the people did not understand his power over death, nor did they really know WHO HE WAS. God incarnate was walking amongst them and they were in the throes of sorrow. Mere prophets had raised men from the dead was the son of God no less capable? I can’t fathom how the creator of all things feels when his creation rejects him. It is a pain we cannot understand. The world has rejected the savior for generation upon generation. But very soon every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. The culmination of his great work will be seen by all when he begins his reign. Maranatha!

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Daily Bible Reading

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