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Days Until Christmas:


Daily Bible Reading and Thoughts

Jeremiah and Hebrews


Jeremiah 46-48

In Jeremiah today we see how God finally exacts vengence on Israel’s enemies. Those who have long harrassed Israel will come to a full end. God has never made a promise that he hasn’t fullfilled. Egypt, Phillistine and Moab are some of the trees cut down in this chapter, with more to follow. A good lesson that vengence belongs to the Lord and his memory is long and perfect. 

Hebrews 4

One of my favorite verses of all time is Hebrews 4:12-13. Humankind has no where to hide from the eyes of an all-powerful  and omnicient God. That should give you a shot of  healthy fear but also an even bigger shot of hope. He cares enough about us to know us that well. He sees us more clearly then we even see ourselves and is able to read our hearts and minds. That is a humbling thought and terrifying to know your most secret sinful deeds will be exposed. Thank you Jesus for taking those deeds to the cross for me, I would have no hope otherwise!

Daily Bible Reading

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Daily Bible Reading

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