As the school year is set to start and I wander through the supply aisles, I find that I have come to the sad conclusion that I hate buying crayons. Crayons to me are the biggest waste of money ever invented. Crayons really only last as long as the tip is sharp and pointy, once it becomes dull and flat it is absolutely good for nothing. Why do we still buy them when there are so many other better options? Nostalgia? Habit? Guilt? I don’t really know, but it is interesting when you think about it. It is maybe the smell? Do they just smell like back to school? I suppose that may be part of it, like the smell of pumpkin spice latte in the fall, or the pine of a Christmas tree. We are so much creatures of comfort, of things that trigger our fondest memories and satisfy our hearts longings. I know when I smell those crayons I long for the days when going to school was actually something I looked forward to for my children. This sadly is no longer. Those box of crayons remind me school is starting, and the battle for the hearts and minds of a generation is about to begin. These thoughts give me great trepidation. What is my son going to learn? What false teaching and ideals will be snuck in through the back door of a culinary class or during PE? How do I thwart the far left agenda that will be shoved down his throat at every turn? I have to read every syllabus closely, scrutinize the topic of my sons papers he is writing, be careful where my money I donate is spent, and be prepared to confront people in an environment that is increasing hostile to myself and my values. I have to be abbreviation cognizant (BLM, CRT and who knows what others) since I firmly believe some of the most sinister doctrines are hidden within an abbreviation, they look innocent enough until you find out what they mean. We as conservative parents can no longer sit back and assume that teaching is being done in an unbiased and simple way. Its no longer math, but math with an agenda. I would never think that math could be labeled as a topic for white supremacy, would you? But it has. Every aspect of my children’s walk in and around that school needs to be monitored, and countered, if necessary. It is exhausting. If my son was not so heavily reliant on sports in High School I would be less likely to send him back. I would keep him at home where I can filter what he is learning. Such a sad state of affairs, but you can’t sit back and pout about it. You lace up your shoes, grab your mouse and computer and get to the business of defending what is good and right in this world and not be ashamed of doing it. Find like minded souls and lean on each other, for there are more of us out there than people realize and they are struggling with the same things you are, we just aren’t vocal enough to hear each other’s cries of indignation. Speak up, step out, and put on those boxing gloves. They aren’t for offense though folks, you need them for defense! Lets defend what is right and true and moral and good. I want so very much to enjoy buying crayons again.

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